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Nigerian Drinks


Savor the vibrant flavors of Nigeria at O’Foodi with our curated selection of iconic drinks, featuring Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and more. From the timeless effervescence of Coca-Cola to the fruity delight of Fanta and the zesty lemon-lime kick of Sprite, each sip promises a refreshing burst.

Crafted from the finest ingredients, these beloved Nigerian beverages are the perfect complement to your dining experience. Enhance your meal with the crisp, satisfying taste of Coca-Cola, the playful medley of Fanta, or the invigorating Sprite.

At O’Foodi, we invite you to experience the essence of Nigeria through our refreshing drink offerings. Join us for a culinary adventure where every sip adds a delightful note to your meal. Here’s to memorable moments and the distinctive flavors of Nigerian refreshments!

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Cooked in a kitchen that makes use of fish, crayfish, locust beans, milk and eggs. If you have any food allergies other than the ones listed please call to inform us before making order.

Refrigerate or freeze upon receipt. Warm and ensure it is hot before eating. If stored in the freezer, defrost in the fridge before heating.

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Nigerian Coke, Nigerian Fanta, Nigerian Sprite, Nigerian Malta Guinness, Palm wine


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